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Fitout Finance

What is Fitout Finance?

Fitout Finance is a specialised financial solution that caters to businesses looking to undertake fit-out projects for their premises. Whether you're opening a new franchise location, renovating an existing space, or designing a custom fit-out for your business, fitout finance provides the necessary funding to bring your vision to life. Don’t waste your time with a fit out calculator – call us direct for a more reliable quote!

Fitout Finance

The benefits of fitout finance

  • Flexibility: Businesses can choose the repayment terms and frequency that best suits their needs and budget. 

  • Preservation of cash flow: Rather than tying up a significant amount of capital in purchasing equipment outright, businesses can keep cash flow intact by spreading the cost over time. 

  • Tax advantages: In the case of a chattel mortgage, businesses may claim tax deductions on the interest and depreciation of the equipment, while repayments for leases and rentals may also be tax deductible. 

  • Up-to-date equipment: With regular upgrades and replacements, businesses can ensure they have the latest and most efficient equipment. 

How to get fitout finance?

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