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Crane Finance

What is Crane Finance?

Crane finance is a specialised financing solution designed to support businesses in acquiring cranes for their operations. Whether you need a crane for construction, heavy lifting, or any other industry-specific application, crane finance offers flexible options to help you obtain the equipment you require. Through crane financing, you can access the funds necessary to purchase or lease a crane without putting a strain on your working capital.

Crane Finance

Case Study for Crane Finance

Crane Brokers

In a hypothetical case study, we can explore the benefits of Crane Finance for a medium-sized construction company specialising in heavy lifting and crane services. This company faced the challenge of meeting increasing customer demands and expanding their market reach, which required upgrading their crane fleet.

The company teamed up with knowledgeable crane brokers who carefully assessed their financial situation and specific business needs. They developed a tailored lease agreement that allowed them to acquire the required crane equipment without a significant upfront payment. This financing solution empowered them to modernize their fleet by acquiring state-of-the-art cranes, which in turn improved operational efficiency and safety.

This case study highlights the pivotal role of Crane Finance in driving growth and success. Through specialised financial services such as crane leasing and financing, businesses can overcome financial constraints, acquire necessary equipment, and effectively expand their operations. This example underscores the importance of Crane Finance in helping crane operators and companies thrive in a competitive industry while optimising their capital investments.

The benefits of crane finance

  • Flexibility: Businesses can choose the repayment terms and frequency that best suits their needs and budget. 

  • Preservation of cash flow: Rather than tying up a significant amount of capital in purchasing equipment outright, businesses can keep cash flow intact by spreading the cost over time. 

  • Tax advantages: In the case of a chattel mortgage, businesses may claim tax deductions on the interest and depreciation of the equipment, while repayments for leases and rentals may also be tax deductible. 

  • Up-to-date equipment: With regular upgrades and replacements, businesses can ensure they have the latest and most efficient equipment. 

How to get crane finance?

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